The Rancho Motor Company

There is more than one way to skin a cat. Anyone who wants to witness an example of this can take a glance at the pages of the Rancho Motor Company book. Specifically, this lesson is best demonstrated through the assistance given to the Red Cross for their efforts and hurricane relief for Houston, TX. This help comes in the form of 25 thousand dollars for relief aid. But, these funds are just one example of the ways organizations affiliated with a company can make assisting members of communities their business. Certainly, these other examples are just as impressive as the display of benevolence bestowed on the Red Cross.

The school board the and students of the Apple Valley district know all too well about the benefits of programmed rancho motors donations. As a matter of fact, they appreciate the assistance they receive so well that they even show a little reciprocity. To show how much they appreciate everything provided to them, they present a certificate stating as much to The Assistance League of Victor Valley. Naturally, this display of civility invites the question exactly what did they do to earn it. The answer is simple. The school board and the schools within the district receive help with dispensing textbooks to their students. And all this show of appreciation is the result of Operation School Bell. And, if helping disaster victims and schoolchildren are not enough good deeds to talk about, there is still more work to report.

For example, there is the worlds renowned and incomparable Lions Club. This organization has over 46,000 locations and 1.35 million members who assist wherever they can. This ranges from getting seniors their eyewear or providing food assistance to underprivileged families. It may even include providing service to strangers that the organization has never even met before. It is all about finding solace through service. However, this is not include the cadre of other foundations and programs provided.