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Right now, you might not be completely happy with your current accountant but, because it seems like it might be very difficult to change (regnskapsforerportalen) , you are sticking with them. However, in truth, if your accountant is not doing a good job, your only real option is to change. Here are our top tips that are sure to make changing your accountants as simple as it can possibly be:
1) Only Use Chartered or Otherwise Qualified Accountants

If your prospective accountants and your existing one are both chartered and members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants or another professional body such as the ACCA, then they are bound by the rules of those organisations to act in a particular way. This means your existing accountant will have to hand over your files and any papers belonging to you within a reasonable time.

2) Handover Fees

ACCA and Institute of Chartered Accountants members are not allowed, according to the rules of those bodies, to charge any fee for handing over files, paperwork and documents to a new accountant.

3) Your New Accountant Should Request The Right Information

After an initial conversation with your new accountants, they will be able to request all the information they need from your former accountant ( . This isn’t something you need to deal with yourself, it is down to the new accountants to take care of this aspect of your affairs. Many different types of documentation may need to be provided, including previous VAT returns, P&L statements, payroll documents like P11Ds and P35s plus previous personal and company tax returns.

4) Your Responsibilities

However, if, for example, you have previously done your VAT returns yourself and now your new accountants are taking over that function, then it is up to you to provide your accountant with all the necessary information. Ask your new accountants for a list of all the information they will require from you. This will make this process as straightforward and uncomplicated as it can possibly be.

5) Resolving Or Dealing With Disputes

A common reason for wanting to switch accountants is that you are in disagreement over fees and cost of service. This kind of dispute is common and should not be a reason for your previous accountant to hand over the information to your new accountants. The old accountant may choose to tell the new accountants about the dispute, however (regnskapsfører bergen). Normally, a disagreement over fees shouldn’t disrupt the transfer of documents from one accountant to another. However, if things do deteriorate, then you could always file a complaint with the accountants professional body.