Organisations Helped

As a matter of fact, the number of occasions where good men women help there fellow man reads something like a grocery list. At the top of this list, is the Phoenix foundation and the Victor Valley Rotary Club. Both of which provide throughout the year for the community’s needs. That does not even mention the Victor Valley College Foundation, Sunset Hills Children’s Foundation, and the Happy Trails Children’s Foundation. Obviously these organizations are focused on nurturing the needs of youth within the community in partnership with Ranco Motors investors and stakeholders.

It appears that there is really no person unworthy of the Rancho corporations attention. They help anyone in need from victims of unexpected circumstances, the elderly, children and those seeking an education. It appears only time can tell who the Rancho Motor Company is to help next. But, of course all of these instances mentioned so far are only about half of the work performed. And, that is only speaking for the past recent years. There is no telling how much casual and good old-fashioned neighborly help these people show in their lives everyday.